Tenant analyzes tenant, property, and landlord reputation.

Tenant for tenants

Tenant allows good tenants to build clout with landlords. This gives tenants leverage when negotiating future leases. Tenant also processes rent payments online and allows tenants to submit maintenance requests with the click of a button.

How Tenant helps tenants

Tenant for landlords

Tenant is trusted by over 1,500 landlords and powers more than 60,000 units across the country. Our software helps landlords easily sort through rental applications and provides them with the data they need to select suitable tenants, get paid, and manage unit maintenance.

How Tenant helps landlords

What landlords and tenants say


We knew that our rapid growth required a best-in-class management solution, and that's why we turned to Tenant.

John Doe

Tenant's innovative thinking enables us to continue to evolve as a realty company. New solutions, like Tenant Pro, allow landlords to eliminate procedures that were time-wasting and frustration producing.

Jane Smith
M&P Realty


Jane Doe


Tim Franklin
TF Realty

The thing is Tenant simply works. When we query your API, everything just does what it's supposed to do.

Joe Smith
American Co

Tenant is the...

Jim Brown